Office Chat, Work Messaging for mac

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Office Chat, Work Messaging for mac 软件简介

Office Chat, Work Messaging for mac
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Office Chat is a secure mobile messaging platform for the business world designed for fast workplace communication. Office Chat works for private one-to-one conversations or group chats between large or small teams, so you can talk with just one colleague or a group of ten about work related ideas, projects, and more. Beyond chatting, with Office Chat you can also securely share text messages, files, pictures, audio, and videos with your coworkers instantly -- without worrying about exchanging phone numbers or information leaking. Office Chat is the perfect tool for anyone seeking to improve their company's ability to collaborate, network, and share information. It is a cross-platform IM service. Start-ups, non-profit organizations, and businesses big and small use Office Chat to streamline information sharing and collaboration within their company. You can use it to improve your business's ability to communicate too! Download the app for free now!

Office Chat features include:

- Group messaging and private chat

- Rich text messaging features that allow you share pictures, files, video, and audio attachments

- Ability to view images inline and play videos directly from within the message

- Unlimited chat history

- Detailed info pages for colleagues & teams

- Message delivery confirmation for your sent messages

- Real-time push notifications for messages received by you

- Quick access to colleague list & the teams you are part of

- Email integration allows messages sent from office chat to be replied back from any email client

- Hyper real time where character by character message transfer option is available in private chat

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Office Chat, Work Messaging for mac

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Office Chat, Work Messaging for mac

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Office Chat, Work Messaging for mac 软件版本记录

  • 2.12.0

    1) Updated Chat Window UI.
    2) Special Messages - Important, Read Receipt, Self-Destruct
    3) New Video calling feature.
    4) Bug fixes & improvements for smoother experience.


  • 2.11.8

    Fixed a critical bug where chat text wasn't visible.


  • 2.11.0

    1) New priority message feature - Send an urgent message to a colleague which would have the highest priority over other normal messages.
    2) Bug fixes & improvements.


  • 2.10.0

    1. Improved custom status UX
    2. Now storing up to 5 latest custom status locally to easy setup next time.


  • 2.9.0

    Bug fixes & improvements.


  • 2.8.0

    1) Group Admin now can make any member an admin & can also remove a member from the group from the members list.
    2) Bug fixes & improvements.


  • 2.7.0

    1) New Group creation flow.
    2) Bug fixes & improvements.


  • 2.6.3

    macOS High Sierra compatibility changes & fixes.


  • 2.6.0

    1) New tabbed UI.
    2) Improved chat search - Now search chat titles, last chat message, people names and team names.
    3) Inline Playing of Video & Audio.
    4) In the Co-workers & group member list, you will see an icon against the group admins & domain admin in the team.
    5) Chat notification toaster now shows the user image along with the username & message.
    6) Bug fixes & improvements.


  • 2.5.1

    Bug fixes.


  • 2.5.0

    1. Improved user experience with new tabbed interface.
    2. Change in app header and action looks.
    3. Bug fixes.


  • 2.4.0

    1. Admin Announcement Groups - Specially designed for domain admins & group admin to have place where company wide announcements can be done.
    2. Added support to send GIFs in chat.
    3. Bug fixes.


  • 2.3.2

    1. Added support for HIPPA compliant domains for auto clearing chat history.
    2. Talk to Office chat customer support at any point in time now.
    3. Ability to login via google apps.
    4. Bug fixes


  • 2.3.0

    1. Added support for HIPPA compliant domains for auto clearing chat history.
    2. Talk to Office chat customer support at any point in time now.
    3. Ability to login via google apps.
    4. Bug fixes


  • 2.2.14

    Fixed a bug where two messages were shown in chat history for one file attachment.


  • 2.2.9


    1. Bug and Crash fixes.


  • 2.2.8

    Fixed a random crash.


  • 2.2.2

    Fix a bug which caused app to disconnect.


  • 2.2.0

    1. Now you can search messages from chat window.
    2. Ability for bulk deletion of messages.
    3. Ability to enable other external integrations from chat window.
    4. Ability to view all chat files.
    5. Customize notifications and alert sounds settings.
    6. Customize your chat look and feel with themes.


  • 2.1.4

    Fixed a bug where sometime user was not able to upload files.


  • 2.1.3

    1. Fixed issue where chat text was getting cut for some users
    2. Other minor bug fixes.


  • 2.1.2

    1. Ability to launch huddle for 1-1 and group chat (on web)
    2. Support delete of system generated messages (based on delete settings)


  • 2.0.7

    Bug fixes.


  • 2.0.0

    1. Simplified first login experience.
    2. Want to know if an important message from you has been read by all team members? Now you can, with the read receipt feature, get a real time indication which recipients have read your message and when, on your windows desktop & mac clients.
    3. If you want to protect sensitive information from being stored as messages, you can with auto-delete on read message feature. The message is auto-deleted (after 2 mins) when the recipient has read it. The message is also auto-deleted from the sender when all the recipients have read it.
    4. Custom status is now shown in an overlay for better user experience.
    5. Custom status text max supported length is now 150 characters.
    6. Links in custom status is now clickable.
    7. Bug fixes.


  • 1.5.1

    Minor bug fixes.


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