Parallels Client for mac

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Parallels Client for mac 软件简介

Parallels Client for mac
  • 销售商:Parallels International GmbH
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  • 语言:俄文, 德语, 意大利语, 日语, 法语, 简体中文, 繁体中文, 英语, 葡萄牙文, 西班牙语, 韩语
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Parallels Client, when connected to Parallels Remote Application Server (RAS), provides secure access to business applications, virtual desktops, and data from your device. Using virtualized applications and desktops on Parallels Client is intuitive, fast, and reliable.

Parallels Remote Application Server and Parallels Client allow you to:
• Work on any device from anywhere
• Access any Windows corporate application
• Resize and optimize published applications for a native look and feel

• Seamless access to Windows applications on your device
• Higher level of security when connecting over SSL
• Works with virtual desktops, terminal server/RD session host, and Windows PC host
• Universal printing allows you to print from your device to any printer
• Graphic acceleration using RemoteFX
• Remote applications and desktops extended to multiple monitors
• Remote sound, local drive, and two-way clipboard redirection for a truly native experience

If you have questions about Parallels Client, please visit our support page.

For more information about Parallels Client, visit

Parallels Remote Application Server is an industry-leading solution for virtual application and desktop delivery.

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Parallels Client for mac

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Parallels Client for mac

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Parallels Client for mac

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Parallels Client for mac

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Parallels Client for mac 软件版本记录

  • 16.2.19419

    New: Made security fixes to incorporate CredSSP encryption oracle remediation updates as described in CVE-2018-0886.
    Fixed: Mouse pointer disappears on disconnect.


  • 16.2.19300

    New: Delay in showing menubar in full screen mode.

    Fixed: RDP session might be frozen after waking up from hibernation.
    Fixed: Client does not set a default printer.
    Fixed: One might fail to save a password.
    Fixed: URL redirection doesn't work for URLs longer than 100 characters


  • 16.2.19171

    Fixed: URL redirection from a remote session


  • 16.2.19160

    Use Smart cards for authentication

    Drag & Drop of local files to remote applications.

    Crash when a Smart card is redirected to a remote session.
    Japanese characters from a remote session are pasted incorrectly sometimes.


  • 16.2.19039

    New: Support for drag and drop files from local desktop to remote applications.
    Fixed: "Save password" state is reset if 2nd level authentication is used.
    Fixed: Possible crash if second monitor is added or removed multiple times.
    Fixed: Cannot redirect printers with a comma "," in the name.


  • 16.1.18912

    New: The ability to view and clear the log file.
    New: The ability to enable extended logging.
    New: Smart Card redirection within an established RDP session.

    Fixed: Local printers with comma in their name are not redirected to a remote session.
    Fixed: Client preferences window may disappear when switching between window tabs.


  • 16.0.18459

    Improved: The mouse pointer moves better when you use an on-screen keyboard as a trackpad.
    Improved: More detailed error messages are displayed when an RDP connection fails.

    Fixed: Client machine name is not sent to a RAS server
    Fixed: 'OverrideArgs' URL parameter is ignored when launching an app in an already running session.


  • 16.0.18324

    New: Ability to change domain password.
    New: Support for high resolution icons.
    New: Support for automatic detection of connection quality.
    New: Clipboard redirection option.
    New: Ability to automatically log off clients from the RAS farm if no sessions are running.
    New: Added client logs to help troubleshooting.

    Improved: Second level OTP entry fields use password asterisks.
    Improved: Support for RDP-UDP transport.
    Improved: Reduced network data usage for bi-directional audio.


  • 15.5.16279

    New: Support for Japanese 3rd Party IME (Google, ATOK).

    Improved: Added support for keyboards with extra key code on numeric key pad keys.
    Improved: Handling of minimized remote windows.
    Improved: Drive redirection file/folders searches.
    Improved: Universal Printing support of jobs with different page size and orientation.


  • 15.5.16129

    New: Support for Retina displays in published applications mode.

    Improved: Multi-monitor handling.
    Improved: Connection icon shows state of the connection.

    Fixed: Wrong window coordinates may result in unusable application.


  • 15.5.15675

    New: Universal Printer support for Bonjour printers.

    Improved: Non-aligned multi-monitor support.
    Improved: Cursor handling on non-focused windows.
    Improved: Japanese keyboard handling.


  • 15.5.15561

    New: Mapping Cmd and Control keys to Windows Win and Control keys.
    New: Bi-directional audio (microphone redirection).
    New: Multi-monitor support.
    New: Added support retina display to desktop sessions.
    New: Automatically adjust remote desktop resolution when local desktop resolution changes.
    New: Added support for automatic start of published applications and desktops.
    New: Added additional support for RemoteFX acceleration.
    New: Upgraded to OpenSSL v1.0.2.
    New: Miscellaneous improvements.


  • 15.0.3867

    New: Support for Japanese Keyboard 106/109.
    New: Support for Azerty MacBook keyboard.

    Fixed: Cropping of print jobs when printing in landscape mode.
    Fixed: Application listing was not allowed after entering invalid credentials.
    Fixed: Universal Printing: vendor-specific paper sizes were not redirecting.


  • 15.0.3817

    Improved: Support for changing orientation of pages while printing,
    Improved: Upgraded to OpenSSL 1.0.1t.

    Fixed: Invalid image when using Remote FX 3D.
    Fixed: OTP requested again when already authenticated from Web Portal.
    Fixed: Default printer setting applied for published desktops.


  • 15.0.3796

    Improved: Upgraded OpenSSL to v1.0.1s.
    Improved: Various localised strings.
    Improved: Disable App Transport Security for the application.

    Fixed: Time zone redirection for Russia.
    Fixed: Issues with Web Portal integration when not using TLS v1.2.
    Fixed: Drive redirection - Deleting of folders with items in it from Windows Explorer.
    Fixed: Potential crash when starting RPC connection after a disconnect.


  • 15.0.3793

    Improved: Upgraded OpenSSL to v1.0.1s.
    Improved: Various localised strings.
    Improved: Disable App Transport Security for the application.

    Fixed: Time zone redirection for Russia.
    Fixed: Issues with Web Portal integration when not using TLS v1.2.
    Fixed: Drive redirection - Deleting of folders with items in it from Windows Explorer.
    Fixed: Potential crash when starting RPC connection after a disconnect.


  • 15.0.3772

    Improved: German keyboard redirection
    Improved: Universal printing - support for print jobs with different page orientation
    Improved: Chinese localizations

    Fixed: Universal printing - driver filtering not working
    Fixed: RDP printing - printing disabled
    Fixed: Allow multiple RAS connections to the same server
    Fixed: In connection settings default SSL port was set to 80 instead of 443


  • 15.0.3730

    New: Full support for Client policies
    New: Simplified new connection process
    New: Chinese and Korean localization and keyboards support
    New: Current folder name in the title bar
    New: Support for legacy Universal Printer Mode

    Improved: User experience when using the client
    Improved: Upgraded OpenSSL Library
    Improved: Windows key combinations for seamless mode

    Fixed: Universal Printing hardware margins issues
    Fixed: Various bug fixes


  • 14.1.3469

    Fixed: Fixed Legacy Printer support


  • 14.1.3375

    Added: Universal Printer tray options
    Changed: Re branded to "Parallels 2X"


  • 14.0.3222

    Added: Support for RDP Session Remote Control
    Added: Raw Printing support
    Added: Advanced secondary connections
    Added: Polish keyboard support


  • 12.0.2681

    Added: Support for A-Law Compressed Sound Format
    Improved: Application Listing Sorting
    Fixed: Client Name filtering


  • 12.0.2370

    Fixed: NLA authentication on OS X Yosemite when connecting with Windows 2008


  • 12.0.2260

    Added: Support for 2X Universal Printing
    Added: Default Printer settings
    Added: Support for OS X Yosemite
    Added: Sorting of Connections
    Added: Sorting of Application Listing
    Updated: Minimum to OS X 10.7.3
    Fixed: Clipboard redirection with large content


  • 11.1.2083

    Added: RDP Server Authentication settings
    Added: Connect to administrator console
    Improved: Support of second level authentication with 2X RAS Portal
    Improved: Graphics performance


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